New book release: An Immortal Calling

by Ryland Thorn

I’ve edited a few pieces for Ryland, through my work with the Phoenix Prime writing group. He lives in New Zealand and has a penchant for disturbing stories of darkness and death (and demons).

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Can you still be a hero if you’re driven by hate?

Jackson Kade is an immortal with demon blood in his veins and hate in his heart. Lennox Valdis is wild and fiery, and her demon heritage gives her a talent for magic. Together, they battle to keep the streets of New Sanctum safe from the loathsome Hell creatures that terrorize the city.

Now there is a Hell-beast on the loose that is a greater threat than anything seen in decades. Whether its presence is random or something more sinister, it will take every ounce of strength and courage they have for Jack and Lennox to defeat it. If they fail, it will cost much more than just their lives.

Can they survive its onslaught?

The Daemonicon Chapters is an episodic serial, with a new, action-packed book (25k-35k words in length) published every 3-5 weeks.

Get it on Amazon, or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited

This is a link to Ryland’s site: – website
Twitter: @rylandthorn
Facebook: Ryland Thorn – Facebook

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