New book release: Waiting for Summer: Book 1

by Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Anna-Maria wrote in secret and surprised her husband with the news that she’d not only written a two-part steamy romantic series, but landed a publishing deal too. It was originally released several years ago and we recently revised it for re-publishing. This was a great read and a of fun to work on, and the second part is even better and due for re-release shortly.

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“Moving, emotional and absorbing. An uplifting story, that will make you believe the impossible is possible.”

Sylvie has it all – a beautiful home, two adoring sons and a successful husband. Until a simple action knocks Sylvie’s world off its axis. Her perfect life is turned upside down and her heart broken. Unable to accept heartache again she decides, for once, to be bold and take control which ultimately leads to a tragedy.

Sylvie’s road to rediscovery begins. With the help of her close friend and partner Zach, Sylvie’s professional life starts to turn around. Julian, a successful architect and admirer, guides her and Sylvie’s own fledgling interior design business flourishes. Sylvie starts to move forward still battling with her own insecurities, until an unexpected chance meeting.

Faced with a difficult choice; does she risk an involvement which could potentially affect everyone she loves and cares for? Or should she take the moral high ground and deny herself a second chance of happiness and love.

Waiting for Summer is Sylvie’s journey into a future she never thought could be possible, to a happiness she never thought she’d ever experience, and to an unexpected man who erased her ingrained insecurities with his unconditional and irrevocable love.

Get it on Amazon, or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited

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