Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing Services for Your Manuscript

Developmental editing involves heavy critical work to evaluate every paragraph and consider how to get the most out of your writing, storytelling and narrative structure. It will typically answer the following questions:

  • Are your characters relatable?
  • Does your first page “hook” the reader?
  • Is your writing clear, concise, consistent and engaging?
  • Do you continue to keep the reader turning the page?

It will be candid feedback which often involves suggesting considerable rewriting:

  • flag areas where the narrative needs tightening up
  • suggestions for improving rhythm, flow and readability
  • ensure dialogue is believable and natural
  • ensure characters are consistent, relatable and convincing
  • ensure consistency of POV, tense, tone and style
  • suggest improvements to descriptions, scene-building, establishment of characters
  • target repetition, weak language and overuse of jargon
  • highlight issues of clarity or redundancy

All my suggested edits are made using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature.

My Developmental Editing Rate: $12.00 USD per 1000 words (£9.00 per 1000 words).

Please note:

  • My rate is based on you providing a manuscript in a good standard of fluent English. Please submit your full manuscript or a sample for an accurate estimate. If your work needs more extensive rewriting then a revised rate may be given.