Copy Editing

Copy Editing Services for Your Manuscript

Copy editing is a thorough and technical working through your manuscript. It comes after the deeper structural work has been done and entails cleaning up and polishing your writing as follows:

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • consistency of style including spelling, hyphenation and capitalization
  • good sentence structure
  • correct usage of vocabulary, expressions and figures of speech
  • highlight minor to moderate issues with continuity of plot, characters, timeline and setting
  • flag incorrect, unclear or ambiguous statements

All my suggested edits are made using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature.

My Copy Editing Rate: $9 USD per 1000 words (£7.00 per 1000 words).

Please note:

  • My rate is based on you providing a manuscript in a good standard of fluent English. Please submit your full manuscript or a sample for an accurate estimate. If your work needs more extensive rewriting then a revised rate may be given.