Proofreading and Editing Services

My Range of Editing Services

I provide three editing services, depending on the level of work that your manuscript requires. If you don’t know what service you require, feel free to contact me with a sample of your work for a free assessment.

Copy Editing
Developmental Editing
Finished your manuscript and already had it edited? This is the final pass over your manuscript, an eagle-eyed read-through to catch any annoying little last-minute typing and language errors in your writing, the kind that may pass unnoticed to the writer but stand out like a beacon to the reader.
An essential editorial stage for any author wanting a polished and professional product. This thorough and technical process involves evaluating the manuscript up-close to identify errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, word usage, character/plot continuity, sentence flow and writing style.
A deep and candid assessment of your work-in-progress. Involves examining every word, sentence and paragraph and assessing whether the writing is working hard enough at every step. Seeks to tighten prose, improve upon style and flow, and find the most engaging and relatable narrative possible.