Editing Portfolio

This is a selection of the books I’ve worked on. Click on any image to view a preview of the book on Amazon.

I edit over 4 million words a year, usually at least one novel per week. This selection represents approximately 2 million words, covering literary fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, paranormal, urban fantasy, superhero, crime, thriller, historical, romance, new adult, young adult, children’s, comedy, satire, folk, screenplays.

Urban Fantasy

Frost Bite
SA Magnusson

Open Fracture
SA Magnusson

Heat Stroke
SA Magnusson

Lost Cause
SA Magnusson

Awakening Of The Siren
S. L. Giger

Rise Of The Siren
S. L. Giger

Cursed Mother
Paul C. Middleton

Life in Moonlight: The Primigenio Tales: Book 1
Alison Beightol

Blood of New Beginnings: The Primigenio Tales: Book 2
Alison Beightol

Honeysuckle and Roses
Summer Donnelly

Shift Volume 1 – Nexus: How to Become a Super Hero in 8 Easy Steps
Zackary T. CastleFree

Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian Sci-Fi

Altered (Rogue Spark Book 1)
Cameron Coral

Brink (Rogue Spark Book 2)
Cameron Coral

Dormant (Rogue Spark Book 3)
Cameron Coral

Salvage (Rogue Spark Book 4)
Cameron Coral

The Fall
Steve Campitelli

Eden Chip
Scott Cramer


Shippeitaro – A Phoenix Prime Anthology
Kat Lind

Phoenix Imagining – A Phoenix Prime Anthology
Kat Lind

CyberWar: Digital Battlefield – A Phoenix Prime Anthology
Kat Lind

Dark Fantasy/Horror

The Untimely Demise of Leo Sunderland
Jaimee Morgan

Ghost Of The Past: Elliot Lankford Mystery Series
Rebecca Stout

Of Gold and Deceit
Nicole Zoltack

Zombies, Avoidance, and Balls
Jessica de Barra


For Starters – La Casa d’Italia
Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Heavenly Fare – La Casa d’Italia
Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Just Desserts – La Casa d’Italia
Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Waiting For Summer: Book One
Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Waiting For Summer: Book Two
Anna-Maria Athanasiou

A Sketch of What You Mean to Me
S. L. Giger

Historical Fiction

Scipio Rising
Martin Tessmer

The Three Generals
Martin Tessmer

Scipio’s Dream
Martin Tessmer

Scipio Risen
Martin Tessmer

Scipio Rules
Martin Tessmer

Scipio’s End
Martin Tessmer

Literary Fiction

The Risk of Us
Rachel Howard

Tangarana and Other Tales
Arturo Hernández and Raymond Enstam

#Tweeting the TL
Bonnie O’Neill


Make Rain: 180 Powerful Insights into How Rainmakers Sell Their Way to Financial Success
Jonas Caino

Launch Tomorrow
Luke Szyrmer

How to Start a VoIP Business: A Six-Stage Guide to Becoming a VoIP Service Provider
Vilius Stanislovaitis

The Best-Looking One Always Wins
Ryil Adamson

Black Widow Poker
Sia Layta


Peter’s Redemption: From Fear to Boldness
Carlos Malbrew

King Solomon’s Conclusion: Finding Joy, Fulfillment, and Purpose in Life
Carlos Malbrew

Where Wisdom Begins: Life, Heaven, & Expectations
Carlos Malbrew

Forever, Amen: A 12 Week Blueprint For Prayer
Carlos Malbrew

Bread From Heaven: A Brief Introduction To Jesus
Carlos Malbrew


Polish Girl In Pursuit of the English Dream
Monika Wisniewska

Combat Ready: Lessons Learned in the Journey to Fighter Pilot
Captain Taylor Fox

Guess Whats and Dandelion Greens
Mary Beener Spears

Writing Guides

Post Apocalyptic Writing Guide
J. J. Shurte

Combat Psychology
Paul C. Middleton

Military Structures
Paul C. Middleton