Editing Portfolio (old)

I edit over 4 million words a year, usually at least one novel per week. Below is a selection of some of my editing work over the last couple of years. It comes to about 2 million words.


Literary fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, paranormal, urban fantasy, superhero, crime, thriller, historical, romance, new adult, young adult, children’s, comedy, satire, folk, screenplays.

The Fall
Steve Campitelli

Lee Hayton

Cursed Mother
Paul C Middleton

Shippeitaro – A Phoenix Prime Anthology
Kat Lind

Phoenix Imagining – A Phoenix Prime Anthology
Kat Lind

CyberWar: Digital Battlefield – A Phoenix Prime Anthology
Kat Lind

The Ardent Saga Collection
Nathan Howe and Derek Howe

Shift Volume 1 – Nexus: How to Become a Super Hero in 8 Easy Steps
Zackary T. CastleFree

Dimensions: Origins (The Complete Series): Leilu, Phineas and Taklin
Seven Steps

Heart of Power: Awakening of the Siren
S L Giger

Heart of Power: Rise of the Siren
S L Giger

UNHOLY REVENGE: DI Helen Cooke Investigates Book 1
RC Welsby

Life in Moonlight: The Primigenio Tales: Book 1
Alison Beightol

Blood of New Beginnings: The Primigenio Tales: Book 2
Alison Beightol

Honeysuckle and Roses
Summer Donnelly

Waiting for Summer: Book One
Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Waiting for Summer: Book Two
Anna-Maria Athanasiou

A Sketch of What You Mean To Me
S L Giger

The Untimely Demise of Leo Sunderland: A Half-Way Point Short Story
Jamiee Morgan

Of Gold and Deceit (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 5)
Nicole Zoltack

Ghost Of The Past: Elliot Lankford Mystery Series
Rebecca Stout

Scipio Rising – 2nd Edition: Book One of the Scipio Africanus Saga
Martin Tessmer

The Three Generals: Book Two of the Scipio Africanus Saga
Martin Tessmer

Scipio Rules: Book Five of the Scipio Africanus Saga
Martin Tessmer

The DANGER! Kids: Explosive Action Adventure
Carlos R Malbrew

The DANGER! Kids: Back in Action
Carlos R Malbrew

The Adventures of Super C and Cool Dude: First Flight
Carlos R Malbrew

#Tweeting the TL
Bonnie O’Neill

The Best-Looking One Always Wins
Ryil Adamson

Niall and the Stone of Destiny: Book I
Lance Joseph MacNeill

Peter’s Redemption: From Fear to Boldness
Carlos R Malbrew

LIGHT of the World: A Christian Play
Carlos R Malbrew

Ordinary People: Love is Ambitious
Carlos R Malbrew

Tangarana and Other Tales
Arturo Hernández and Raymond Enstam


Self help, health, fitness, technology, economics, business, sales, marketing, religious, memoir.

The 9 Unbreakable Laws of Language Learning: A Quick and Easy Guide to Developing a Successful Language-Learning Mind-Set
Benjamin J. Lawson

The 5-Minute Economist: You Don’t Need a PhD to Understand The Economy
Vadim Khramov PhD and John Ridings Lee Jr.

Power Habits: 101 Life Lessons & Success Habits of Great Leaders, Business Icons and Inspirational Achievers
Chris Luke

How to Analyze People: Confessions Your Body Cannot Cover Up
James Thomson

Over 40 ​& Fearless: Break Barriers; Accelerate Success
Jaynee Sasso

27 Days to a Pure Living Space: Turn your home into an oasis in just 27 days!
Lisa Morton

The Diabetes Cure a Functional Naturopathic Perspective: The Naturopathic Solution to Diabetes
Steve Alcazar

Walk It Off: 6 Simple Steps to Get Fit Without Setting Foot in the Gym
Carmina Mevs

More Chocolate, No Cavities: How Diet Can Keep Your Kid Cavity-Free
Roger Lucas

How to Start a VoIP Business: A Six-Stage Guide to Becoming a VoIP Service Provider
Vilius Stanislovaitis

Launch Tomorrow: Take Your Product, Startup, or Business From Idea to Launch in One Day
Luke Szyrmer

Make Rain: 180 Powerful Insights into How Rainmakers Sell Their Way to Financial Success
Jonas Caino

Military Structures: A Writer’s Guide to Combat – Part I
Paul C Middleton

King Solomon’s Conclusion: Finding Joy, Fulfillment, and Purpose in Life
Carlos R Malbrew

Where Wisdom Begins: Life, Heaven, & Expectations
Carlos R Malbrew

Forever, Amen: A 12 Week Blueprint For Prayer
Carlos R Malbrew

Bread From Heaven: A Brief Introduction To Jesus
Carlos R Malbrew

Guess Whats and Dandelion Greens
Mary Beener Spears

Combat Ready: Lessons Learned in the Journey to Fighter Pilot
by Captain Taylor Fox

Operation Awakening
– Sam Witt
An Immortal Calling book 1
Slave (The Fae-Born Narratives: Extra Book 1)
– Ryland Thorn
A Silenced Breeze
– Nathan Howe and Derek Howe
Vol 1 Cretun Chronicles
– Nathan Howe and Derek Howe
Eating Crow (The Birdman Series Book 1)
– Lee Hayton
The Ferris Wheel
– Lee Hayton
The Warrior and Princess of Dreams: A Tale from Africa
– Miriam Denenga Shumba